Web Engineering Group

Posted: Tuesday, December 27th 2016 by Jeff Sturgis

Develevation joins Web Engineering Group

In an attempt to improve the quality of jobs Develevation involves itself in, I have decided to join the Toptal Web Engineering Group. While it has been a great experience helping small business achieve their goals, I do feel that the biggest impacts I have made as a Developer were when I was part of larger teams working towards bigger common goals. I have proven my ability to work …

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What is a Facebook like worth?

Posted: Monday, November 23rd 2015 by Jeff Sturgis

We get this question a lot. What is a Facebook like worth for my business? Should I be investing in Facebook advertising and how?

I think that it is important to take a step back and look at this problem from a high level. Let me ask you these questions: What is a $100 bill worth? Is it worth some weight of gold at some given moment in time? Is it worth the number of hours you had to work to earn that $100 bill? Is it worth the $0.01 of paper it is written on? What happens if you throw the $100 …

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Top 5 Ways to Target Your Leads Online

Posted: Monday, November 16th 2015 by Jeff Sturgis

In this day and age, you need to be using online methods of marketing to give yourself a level playing field with your competition. By understanding and using some basic yet effective principles, you can reduce the wasted money you spend advertising.

One thing Develevation does to increase the revenue for our client's businesses is to focus on Lead Generation. Leads convert into customers. Customers can be upsold. Customers become loyal. Customers refer their friends who need your products and services. Upselling and building loyalty will multiply business revenues and are key factors in growing your business. But it all starts …

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Upgrading Wordpress

Posted: Wednesday, August 7th 2013 by Jeff Sturgis

Upgrading Wordpress is highly recommended because over time vulnerabilities get uncovered and since Wordpress and other software (Windows is a great example) is available to the masses, these systems are more worth while for attackers to exploit because of the abundance of targets.

Exploiting vulnerabilities allows attackers to steal sensitive data such as passwords, modify data, install Trojan horses, trick users into downloading viruses, deface your website and the list goes on and on. By keeping your Wordpress and other software up to date with the latest versions, it narrows the window of time which vulnerabilities can be uncovered and exploited. If a …

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Viral Campaigns

Posted: Saturday, August 3rd 2013 by Jeff Sturgis

Viral Marketing is an art. There are several elements which make up a good viral campaign. Some viral campaigns have few but extremly important elements. Others have many complimentary elements. In order to create an extra-ordinary campaign, you need to formulate your idea to be shared amongst peers online and offline.

When companies formulate a campaign idea, what can they do to increase the likelihood that people will share the idea? Jonah Berger recently wrote a book called Contagious | Why Things Catch On" which examines the commonality between ideas that catch on in a big way. He devised an acronym "STEPPS" which is useful to remember the core elements to making an idea viral. Make an idea go …

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Google DFP

Posted: Tuesday, April 2nd 2013 by Jeff Sturgis

Congratulations, you have a website, you are getting decent traffic and people are approaching you to sell ads. What do you do?

When you get your website to the point that you can monetize it, how do you ensure you maximize the revenue whilst minimizing the work you do to manage ads? The answer is Google Double-Click for Publishers Small Business. It can be a little daunting at first, but there are some great DFP YouTube Videos that can help you get up and running. I wont lie to you. The process is a bit …

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