Step 1: Website Design Consulting

What does your website need to do? What do you want it to do? To ensure you get the best possible result, the first step in Develevation’s development process is to meet and paint a picture of what success would look like to you.

We’ll discuss which sites and businesses in Kingston are competing with you, and which you feel you aspire to emulate. Knowing what inspires and drives you will help to steer us toward your perfect website.

The next step is to determine how your website will complement your marketing strategy. We’ll combine our knowledge of web marketing with your existing business knowledge in order to create a unique and effective method of generating and keeping clients and/or customers.

Any functionality requirements will also be assessed at this time. No matter how complex your website needs to be, we’ll find a development timeline that will meet your expectations.

Throughout this process, Develevations’s purpose is to understand where you’re coming from, and where you’re going. With those things firmly established, we’re ready to begin the development cycle.