Kingston Email Marketing Services

Small Business Solutions

If you are a small business and looking to begin capturing email addresses from your website, or through your business contacts for the purposes of newsletters and promotional offers, then Develevation can help. We specialize in setting up eye catching email captures suitable for your target audience.

Medium Business Solutions

Medium sized businesses often look to use email marketing as a cost effective customer retention plan. Develevation can help you build a strategy to collect client emails and provide continuous engagement for them, through interesting and varied means. Email marketing can help you drive traffic back to your website which puts you on the right path to growing your business.

Enterprise Solutions

If you already have a database, and have it segmented, but you need a powerful email solution capable of handling your lists, then we can help. We’ll work with you to create multiple email campaign strategies, follow up services, surveys, promotions and any customer relationship management systems to suit your needs.

Develevation is a Certified Developer for MailPropeller Email Marketing Solutions.