Kingston Online Advertising Solutions

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is an inbound form of online advertising that is extremely effective when done properly. Search engine ads are displayed along side search results through popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. They can be targeted to specific devices, and/or specific geographic locations. In order to have a successful search engine marketing campaign, we help you first determine your targeted audience and then focus on the specific keywords that will bring you great success. Search engine marketing is an excellent method of attracting targeted inbound traffic and can work with almost any budget.

Affiliate Marketing

If you have products you wish to sell, and you would like to reach a global audience then affiliate marketing could be an excellent solution for you. Affiliates are performance-based promoters which receive commission for giving you desired results. Whether you want to give 10% of each sale, or $25 per lead, or perhaps $0.25 per click, affiliates will put their best effort forward to drive targeted traffic to you.

Develevation can help you build your own affiliate program or bring you into a larger affiliate network. We can work with you to develop a strategy that will attract affiliates to your program and build strong reciprocal relationships.

Viral Marketing

The internet is full of cute videos, chain letters and jokes. They’re shared every day between friends and co-workers. Their growth is known as virility, and taking advantage of it for marketing purposes can be extremely effective.

Develevation can work with your business to determine which of your products has great viral potential, and what type of spin on the product could be used to create a buzz.

Text Links

Text Link Ads can bring you targeted exposure, and have additional SEO benefits. Develevation can develop link building strategies for you, or help you to purchase text links strategically, in order to build your brand with the right audience.

Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is much like text link advertising. Every link you have gives you some SEO benefit and when displayed to the right audience, banner advertising can be very effective. Develevation can help you determine which banner placements are worth trying, create your banners and monitor your campaign results. We can then make the most of your budget by using this information to focus on what works best.

Blind Traffic

Blind traffic is really just a means to inflate your online presence. Blind traffic is when people are forced to your website by natural web navigation. Sometimes domains redirect, other times links redirect. Regardless of how they are driven to your website, the end result is the same. This traffic is generally very cost effective, and not very productive, but can function as part of a wider strategy. If you need high volumes of traffic directed to your website, blind traffic is a decent solution.

Semantic Advertising

When people go from site to site, they leave a trail and websites are capable of determining what path you took to get there. IE: did you come from Google or Facebook or some other website? There are several companies that have built advertising models around using this information to target a specific audience. For example, if you can determine that the visitor came from a website that was selling cowboy boots, then it could make good sense to display a cowboy boot ad to that person. Knowing the categories from the previous site allows these semantic advertisers to come up with targeted ads. Although this strategy can be somewhat experimental, it might be worth attempting.

Email Marketing

Develevation has an entire page dedicated to Kingston Email Marketing. We can help you build your list of targeted recipients, manage its segmentation and run individualized promotions or campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

Develevation can help you to build your list of followers and formulate strategies to engage them. If you’d like to read more about social media marketing, please visit our page dedicated to Kingston Social Media Marketing.