3 Mistakes Preventing Ice Vehicle Manufacturers from Catching Tesla

Have you ever played the game 52 pickup?  It takes much less time to make a mess than it does to clean it up.  I can’t begin to understand Tesla as a company from an accounting point of view, a legal point of view, or even engineering point of view. I do feel comfortable looking […]

Future Tesla Enhanced Security System

Here is how I think Tesla will bring a security system to Tesla vehicles. Proximity sensors take stills and immediately uploaded them to the cloud. Damage detection system activated by the enhanced autopilot algorithms similar to self driving system. Tesla’s self driving algorithm is a very simple (and by simple I mean brilliant) data pattern […]

Tesla Has Crazy Mobile Internet Platform Capabilities

This is just speculation as to what Tesla could do in the future.  The Model 3 comes equipped with an amazing LTE connection. So far the LTE connection has been used to get over the air updates, connect to music, make Google Maps work, but for what else can it be purposed? Well, anything really.  […]

TSLA $420 to go Private

Elon begins the day with the tweet: Funding secured?  That implies lawyers have all the contracts in place to make this happen.  Elon disguises his clever plan to take the company private as a rash judgment on Twitter.  There is no way he didn’t ask his team of lawyers if he could tweet that. Shortly after, Elon […]

What’s Next for Tesla Supercharging?

I just noticed a feature on the Model 3 map.  Not only does it list the superchargers within range, but also seems to be showing the number of spaces occupied & available. Of course Tesla would know this as they track who is charging so they may be able to bill those whom dont have […]

Delivery For Hire

I own a Tesla Model 3.  When was the last time you thought about being a Pizza Delivery Man?  I’ve thought about it both days for the last two days. I just want to drive my Model 3 more.  So… maybe getting a job as a pizza deliverer isn’t such a bad idea.  I could […]

TSLA Article Reviews July 2108

Short sellers rely on media to perpetuate negative spin on everything Tesla does. But underneath every damning TSLA article, there is a best of breed silver lining… Tesla probably needs to raise capital this year  Rebuttal: Who gives a fuck?  They may need to build another 5 Billion dollar factory.  Will they need 5 Billion […]

Tesla Model 3 Review – Spoiler: It’s Awesome

Gas savings was towards the bottom of the list of reasons why I wanted to get a Model 3.  To be honest, the car was so cool otherwise, the only reason gas was factored in was to reduce the distaste feeling I get at the gas station. As it turns out, Gas Savings and the […]

Running Crons in Paralell – FAIL

Problem: We have dozens of clients who obtain pricing files (csv,xml,other) from distributors.  Clients have an average of 2.5 distributor files.  Each file has an average of 400,000 products.  The process to update pricing distributor for a single client can be run via the command line : run cron.php Running a single pricing update is […]